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ODW Day 3: A Full Day!
by Jennifer Z
source: Operation Day's Work

George School, Philadelphia, PA •• July 22, 1999 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• Monday July 19, 1999: Today was an intense day. The day started with group activities. Each school group was split into new mixed groups called “Family Groups.” Through this they could discuss ideas with a more diverse approach. The groups answered questions that would guide then to write a mission statement. They decided that each family group would send a representative to a smaller group that would compile each groups thoughts about the mission statement.

At that point Eivind spoke to the group about ODW-Norway. He shared stories about their project as well as basic information about the Norwegian culture. Then we viewed a movie created last year in which many of the same youth that are at this convention were interviewed. It was a perfect example of what ODW stood for, and brought out all types of emotions around the room. Personally with my overactive emotions I cried, the understanding by the youth on the video and the thought of what they were doing was so exciting.

After lunch the group broke into school groups and discussed what was good about their first year and what could be changed. Then each group put up pictures and information all around the room for each other to see and learn from. All of the documents and ideas were collected to make a “Tool Kit” or a collection of helpful documents. The delegates where then lead through a group process exercise where they had to think of what they would do in a life or death situation.
At the end they learned the underlying idea behind the exercise, and discussed how the group worked together. They discussed who talked more and who talked less, and also who had a bigger impact on the group and who had less of an impact. The group then broke for dinner. After dinner was free time. The group of representatives for the Mission Statement met during free time. Soon it was bed check time, every one crashed.

Concluding Monday: Today was a perfect example of how these youth can handle the task set before them. Today was an education packed day full of activities and discussions. They proved themselves responsible, cooperative, organized, teachable and mature. Congratulations!!!!

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