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ODW Day 4: Learning from our History
by Jennifer Z
source: Operation Day's Work

George School, Philadelphia, PA •• July 22, 1999 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• Tuesday July 20, 1999. Today was an exciting day. To start, the temperature was at least 10 degrees cooler. We traveled by bus to Phildadelphia. First we toured Independance Hall. ODW delegates, in their orange shirts, where ready for the history test given to them by the tour guide, they did great! The tour guide was great in pointing out how the Counstitional Delegates must have struggled with there diversity, but how important it was. I’m glad he discussed that, since it is one of our key topics here. Then we walked across the lawn to see the Liberty Bell.

While visiting the Liberty Bell a group of French tourists asked me what our shirts meant? I explained ODW’s mission to them as simply as I could, but they gave me blank looks. At that point I grabbed Jackie Mathews, she exchanged with them in French and I think they understood our purpose a little better.

Everyone split up for lunch and met back at the Visitor’s Center at 2:00. I had a meeting at 2:00 for MCFYP and didn’t return to George School until 6:30, so I’m a little vague as to what happened at this time. At night the group heard from Marte, she was awesome, and the youth ate her up. She shared so much wisdom and ideas, we had to cut off the questions. I followed Marte’s speech and told the group a little about MCFYP and how our ideals and structure may help them. Paul finished the night by sharing some structure ideas of other organizations, encouraging the delegates to think about the day to come.

Concluding Tuesday: Today was a perfect example of how we can learn from history. Just as Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock and the other Constitional Delegates came together to unit something they believed in, our ODW delegates from eight different schools have come together to make a change.

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