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ODW Day 7: Mission Accomplished
by Jennifer Z
source: Operation Day's Work

George School, Philadelphia, PA •• Aug. 3, 1999 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• Friday July 23, 1999. Today started with a game called “Freeze,” an improve game that gets everyone laughing. Then the group discussed and voted what the process would be: pick a country, theme or project. They chose to pick the country first. Each school picked a country and presented it to the group. Two of the groups had personal stories about the country they had picked, which hit the group hard. Then they narrowed it down to three countries by giving everyone in the room three stickers and letting them put the stickers next to the three countries they liked the best. Then they voted between the top three.

The country this year is El Salvador, which was presented with some personal stories. Then the “Constitution Group” presented the Constitution. The delegates voted and approved it. After the Constitution was presented everyone broke into their family group and talked about the things they learned. Each group reported back one thing they learned to the whole group. Now the moment everyone has been waiting for, the signing of the Constitution. After the Constitution was signed, good-byes were said and busses were loaded.

Concluding Friday. Today was very interesting to me. Something that is so special about the United States is that we are so diverse. The diversity among the group helped them in so many ways this week. It was so great that we could have two people stand up and talk about their homeland El Salvador, and give the rest of the delegates such a great picture of who they are helping. The diversity among delegates also helped to bring so many ideas together to create such an important document. Your mission is accomplished.

Congratulations on working together and working hard!!!

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