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 School: The World Summit on Sustainable Development • Quest 1: Introduction to iNet News Team Members
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 Task 1: iNet News Team Member Introductions • Due Date: 8/20/2002
If you are a member of the Summit iNet News Team, please log in here and enter a report here to introduce yourself.

Please also upload a photo of yourself, preferably 200 pixels wide (height can vary).

Please bear in mind that this report will be published for the public to see. You are encouraged to present information that will bring attention to skills or experiences that you would want a professor or future employer to see.

 Reports posted for this Task:
 The iNetNews Team covers Johannesburg Summit by iNet News M.
 What is it all about? by Robyn L.
 Anna Taylor on attending the World Summit by Anna T.
 Introduction of the Third Inet News Team member: Pippa by Pippa H.

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